Spring So Far

A few snaps from in my mum’s garden showing some of the gorgeous spring days we’ve had recentlyย and mum’s awesome Clematis flowers that she’s made into a beautiful archway! And not forgetting my own back garden. However this is merely me sitting by next door’s bins haha it was the last bit of sun on … More Spring So Far

Leeds With Lee

Last week I went for a well needed day out in Leeds with my good friend Lee. We’ve been friends since we were about 15 and he’s one of a few genuine, close friends of mine. I will always drive any distance to spend time with Lee and especially when it’s his birthday weekend. I’ve … More Leeds With Lee

My 2016 in Music

Yay a big data post! Sorry not sorry.ย I love analysing data about things I’ve been doing. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to know which hour of the day you listen to music the most? It can be quite surprising but no doubt more interesting to me than you! I’ve officially been scrobbling for … More My 2016 in Music

Pearly Whites

  You may remember that not long ago I was given a heads up about a dead sheep out in the Peak District. Why would someone tell me such information? Well, it’s fair to say I have an interest in all things dead and decomposing, but also in the final product, the bones! Especially the … More Pearly Whites