The Wurst Women In Europe: Part 1

Beth and I have been friends for thirteen years now and have only just got round to going on our first holiday together. It was just a short trip to beautiful Amsterdam. I can’t believe how pretty this place is.

Anyway I’ll try to keep waffling (pun intended) to a minimum and share some of our photos with you. I will tell you though that we stayed in the most perfect Air Bnb apartment. The decor in the photos and the location first attracted me to it when I saw it on the internet but when we got in, the details were so….me! The first thing I saw was this beautiful Crosley record player with Lazaretto in it. A framed picture of Jack White and another of the Tattoo You album cover on the wall and best of all The Black Keys Chulahoma vinyl on the wall! I was in love.


On day 1 we went out to explore the area and ended up in Waterlooplein where we had a very local lunch of croquettes. Then we went on an Ann Frank/WW2 tour of the city which I would really recommend. It was so interesting and we saw some amazing monuments and statues that I would otherwise have had no idea about.IMG_4774

There were so many bikes everywhere you really had to keep your wits about you which wasn’t easy when you don’t know which way you need to be going and have to keep stopping to check the map! Thank God we had that map though!


We went on an amazing canal trip as you do when in Amsterdam. We went with ‘Those Dam Boat Guys’ who were pretty funny and made it a very fun trip.





More to come in Part 2



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